Andrew Maunder
I used to have offices bang in the middle of town, on the top floor high above the retail units below. Access to my offices was via a very nice recessed glass door set in between a video games shop and a jewellery shop. I even had a little brass plaque with my name on it. 

In fact, everything about my office was very nice, down to my ultra modern glass desk, leather client chairs and the mass of hi tech equipment that my business is all about.

Unfortunately,as my front door was set back, it created a small but private nook along the main street and during the four years I based myself in the town centre I lost count of the mornings I turned up to find someone had used the recess to have a pee, to throw up, to have sex and even take a shit. When I turned up one morning and found a soiled babies nappy - (that someone had smeared across the glass), I knew something had to be done.

Over the next couple of days I got two of my guys to rig up motion detector cameras just inside the door. Firstly, they stuck a colourful poster on the inside of the glass door but cut out circles where the cameras could see out through. This way no one on the outside would notice the cameras..then, when we closed up for the day, we simply set the system to run.

The nature of people is that when looking for a convenient place to pee, be sick, shag or have a poo, they look into said place to make sure its safe to go ahead. Fortunately we had two cameras facing out that caught peoples faces square on, whether they were five feet or over six feet tall. Then we had the 'penis' cam at strategic height and finally we had the 'crouch' cam...for lady pee and rogue pooers.

Over the next month you have no idea of the number of faces we matched to penises, arses and lady willys! Then we took the entire footage and merged the lot into one revolving film and, after rigging a monitor inside our front door, played the looping film through the door, non stop every evening for the next month.

Apart from one woman who recognised her face and privates (and tried to smash the glass door down), the film was a brilliant success. We even got into the local papers but the film did get taken off youtube pretty quickly...